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                                                                Lot no. 02
        donated by
        the artist                                              Title: Kumafaro (Happy Place)
                                                                Size: 180 x 130cm
                                                                Medium: Oil on canvas

        Born in Harare in 1989, Richie Madyira studied at the National
        Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Arts Studio, where he graduated in 2007
        with a Diploma in Fine Arts.

        In Madyira’s recollection of childhood, he recalls how conflicts would
        arise in his family due to religious disputes against traditional rituals.
        This has affected his perception of faith and religion and is often
        emphasised in his artworks. The colour selections in Madyira’s works
        don’t fully represent the real world, but are surprising and often
        juxtaposed in order to form an ironic harmony. These ‘undecided’
        colours are often used to depict the internal conflict one encounters
        when practicing religion without self-evaluation and purpose.

        Madyira’s paintings are predominantly figurative, character studies
        rather than portraits: his figures and subjects appearing against
        imaginary, idealised and brightly coloured backgrounds. His work is
        rooted in his lived experience. He tackles themes such as the living
        conditions in the poorest communities, the hardships he experienced
        as a child, and subsequently as an immigrant in South Africa, in his
        visual storytelling.

        Madyira currently resides in Cape Town where he works as a full-
        time artist.
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